Thai Mainhard 

Bounce (Back) 

Jul 22, 2022
- Aug 14, 2022

at The Living Room, East Hampton

12:00 AM

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FDP presents Bounce (Back) by artist Thai Mainhard. Mainhard explores the human experience of life and death and of grief and adaptation through abstract works with dense blocks of color. Mainhard’s marks navigate the space between chaos and peace, reflecting impressions of the past and future. Shapes and forms are intersecting and merging, speaking to each other from opposite corners across the surface. The tension and the ultimate acceptance of a new self is represented in the intense imagery of the work – what Mainhard describes as "a way forward through the liquidity of the soul."

Originally from Brazil, Mainhard now lives and works in Southern California. Mainhard’s works draw inspiration from Abstract Expressionism, recalling the work of Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly, and Joan Mitchell. Mainhard works with a variety of media – including oil paint, oil sticks, spray paint, and charcoal – to create intuitive imagery that externalizes her feelings and personal experiences.