Miranda Fengyuan Zhang 

Shadows Spanning Two Nights 

Jul 8, 2021
- Jul 8, 2021

at The Living Room, East Hampton

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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FDP presents Miranda Fengyuan Zhang’s solo exhibition, Shadows Spanning Two Nights. Through the weaving of recycled threads, Miranda Fengyuan Zhang reconciles her visceral experiences into an interplay of evocative shapes and colors. Zhang’s works unfold as multi-layered landscapes that transcend scales and painterly narratives. One can simultaneously read the movement of warp and weft, the crisscrossing patterns, and the overall figural compositions. In the current age of digital culture where the perception of the physical environment is constantly pixelated, Zhang’s works explore another form of registration through the resolution afforded by the very materiality and the techniques intrinsic to weaving. The pile of threads as such creates a level of autonomy that arouses manifold ripply sentiments. Zhang entwines an encounter between found materials and her multifaceted sensations. Her works span between personal recollections and shared sensitivities.The exhibition will also feature select furniture by Movels Bergamo, Pierre Guariche, Rino Levi, Sergio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro, and Demaian Quincke in collaboration with Mendes Wood DM.